May 7

WRITTEN BY: David Carney
Monday, 7 May 2012 

The Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) supports the current government initiative to improve access to employment by older Australians, in particular continuing the telephone careers advice service as part of the Experience+ program.
“For more and more Australians the word retirement is a redundant term. Many would like to continue to work in different ways that enable them to make a contribution and to supplement their income through work. CICA believe it is critical that the government support an all ages approach to career development in which career services are accessible throughout life,” said CICA Executive Director, Peter Tatham.
CICA believes Australians of all ages need access to effective careers advice provided by qualified career practitioners when and where they need it. CICA is the national peak body representing those providing professional career development services across Australia, in schools, TAFEs, universities, business, government, and private practice.
To manage a career we need be able understand our own strengths and weaknesses, needs and wants, identify relevant opportunities, access relevant information to make career-related decisions, and take action to achieve effective transitions,” said Tatham.
A recent report by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has identified that workers with vocational skills tend to retire around the standard retirement age but the most-educated and the least-educated are those most likely to remain working beyond the age of 65 years. CICA believe this probably reflects two of the components that make work attractive - remuneration and job satisfaction.
Australians value the contribution they can make through work. Older Australians have significant expertise which is underutilised. They are important mentors for other workers and carry with them a wealth of experience. CICA recognises that work that is available on a flexible basis broadens lifestyle opportunities for older Australians.
Poor choices result in poor completion rates, low levels of learner engagement and motivation, poor transition rates to further learning, poor transitions into the labour market and high levels of labour market turnover, reducing productivity levels and increasing levels of unemployment.
CICA recently launched the Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners and continues to encourage governments to recognise the importance of implementing an effective national career development strategy encompassing Australians of all ages.